Monday, 16 May 2011

Project - Hanging Kitchen Rack

I told you yesterday about the hanging kitchen rack that I bought at the antiques shop, well it's finished and hanging in my kitchen.

Here it is in it's original form ........

I knew that I didn't want it black though and keeping in mind the new colours that I want to paint the kitchen, I went and got some red spray paint .......

and started to put on the first of many coats to get a really good deep red.

 ..... and here is the finished rack.

I am really pleased with how the colour came out and how glossy it is.  Now for the best bit ...... ACCESSORIES!!!  The hand whisk that you can see was my grandmothers that my mum found when packing up her house when she died.  They are perfect for my kitchen and I love seeing them hang there.

I found some lovely metalwork hearts with crystals in the middle.  There were only £2 each, which I thought was a good price.

I hunted high and low at lunchtime to find some flower fairy lights.  I originally wanted battery powered lights, but then had a great idea of getting solar powered ones. I will never have to worry about leaving them on and running the batteries down ...... brilliant idea Margery Daw I hear you say.  

I am so pleased with how it has turned out and can't help standing and looking at it.  And you can be rest assured that I will be keeping my beady eyes open for so more pretty things to hang from it.


Rack £25, Paint £12, Flower Lights £ 7, Metal Hearts £ 4 :

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