Saturday, 14 May 2011

My First Post!!

Well, this is a very daunting thing to be doing ..... posting my first blog!!  I hope that someone is going to read it and more importantly enjoy it.

Today has been a busy but very enjoyable day.  The Youngest Son had his first football tournament of the summer. It was at a local village that was holding an opening ceremony for their new sports pavilion.  They had several sports going on including tennis and croquet along with the football.  There was also a brass band playing in the background ....... very English!!

Here's Youngest Son enjoying the day and most importantly enjoying winning the trophy!!!

I took Hector (my dog) and we had a lovely walk along one of the many country lanes nearby and took some pictures along the way.  Hector thoroughly enjoyed the day as he got lots of love and cuddles from everyone.  He is a 4 month old Italian Spinone puppy who I love deeply.  Yes, I'm afraid I am turning into one of those people who put all of their love onto their pets when the children have grown up.  I used to hate those people and now I am one .......... and I'm loving every minute of it. So there, ha!

Anyway, enough of me trying to justify my love for Hector.

We popped into a garden centre on the way home where I bought some Sweet Williams and Dahlias for the garden.  I love Sweet Williams and can't seem to understand why I have never bought them before now, but there you go.  When we got home I finished off the chocolate birthday cake I had made for my brother and The Daughter and I am very proud of my efforts.  She is 17 tomorrow and is very excited to say the least.   We then headed over to my mums for a barbecue to celebrate with everyone.  It was a good afternoon and I hope everyone enjoyed the cake, although we were very full from the lovely puddings my mum had made.

Yum, yum,yum!!!

Well, that's all for now.  I hope you enjoyed my first post and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.  It's going to be a day spent in the garden.

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