Sunday, 30 June 2013

My Sewing Room

I'm a VERY lucky lady.  My hubby has made me a sewing room for the bottom of the garden.  This idea has been in the making for 2 years, ever since he made a summerhouse for a customer and has some materials left over.  I kinda joked that he could make me on ...... and so two years later he did!

He pre-made all of the panels in his workshop and this weekend we erected it.  It's in the veg patch at the bottom of the garden, a perfect peaceful place. 

Isn't it lovely? 
List of jobs still to do:
  • Re-paint doors and windows
  • clad the inside
  • stain inside cladding
  • choose and lay flooring
  • choose and fit electrics
  • move in furniture
I can't wait!!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Three Counties Show, Malvern

Last weekend we took ourselves off to the Three Counties Show at Malvern and it was a really good day.  We saw lots ....

I was VERY interested in the honey as I'm starting a beekeeping course this winter, in time for me to have my own hive next spring.  How exciting is that!!!  I'll do another post all about this and show you some pictures from an open evening I went to.  Anyway, back to the show ..... can you believe that honey can come in so many different colours.

They had a farrier competition and boy, did they work hard! 

I couldn't resist taking a photo of this guy. 

Now, how cute is this fellow.  So curly and soft and cute, cute cute. 

This little man was so friendly.  His coat was soooo thick and dense, I couldn't stop feeling it. 

I wonder how nervous these guys were, stood waiting for the results. 

I thought these two looked lovey together.

So pretty! 

Baby cow, mummy cow and daddy cow ..... now, where is Goldilocks?? 

This man was such a handsome chap.  Really, really picture perfect and deserved all of his prizes you can see pinned up. 

I felt so sorry for this young lady.  The pig rang circles around her .... literally!  She had no control over her and spent the whole time running around the enclosure trying to keep up.  It raised many a giggle and thankfully she was laughing too. 

Isn't he just a perfect looking judge? 

I can not tell you how noisy these little girls were, my god they made such a racket! 

It was such a great day, with load to see and do.  We can home really tired after walking around for five hours, but it was worth it.  We're hoping to go to another show over the summer and see some more lovely animals, because they really are my favourite part. 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Meet Miss Merryweather

Get ready for cute kitten pictures!



Isn't she gorgeous?  I was so surprised that we got her, I'm still pinching myself now .... hubby wasn't too keen on cats you see.  We used to have a cat called Misty and we got her before we had the kids and.  She was 13 when we had to have her put to sleep and she wasn't the friendlist of cats, not a lap cat by any imagination.  That was around 10 years ago and the kids and I have been asking for one since. 

We were thinking about getting another Hector ......


.... we found a breeder but as they were a working kennel they dock all the tails and wouldn't be able to give us a puppy with a tail on, so it was a no go!  For me, it wasn't meant to be and I kind of flung a throw away comment about getting a kitten instead and think how much easier it a kitten would be and how much cheaper a kitten would be (£840!!) and how it will catch the rats that we always get when the farmer cuts the fields etc etc.  Surprisingly he said yes!! 
Then we had to find one, not as easy as you think as it had to fit in with us being away for a weekend and the kittens being ready to come from their mother.  But, we got there in the end and I am sooooooo happy with her.  Even hubby likes her and I often find him watching her with a smile on his face.  She is super cute though, so it's not hard.
I can't tell you how nice it is to have a cat in the house again and it makes it just a bit more homely.  Especially when I go upstairs and she is curled up on my bed.  #heartmelts
If you're wondering about her name, one of the fairies in Sleeping Beauty is called Merryweather and when ever I've gone on asked about a kitten, she was always Miss Merryweather, just the same as Hector was always going to be Hector. 
The kids have shortened it to just Merryweather, but that's fine.
Anyway, got to go as I need to help hubby build my sewing room .......................... eeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!


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