Tuesday, 17 May 2011

An Evening In The Garden

After a slightly stressful day, I decided to take myself off into the greenhouse to sow the three packets of seeds that I had bought at the weekend.  I treated myself to some Sweet Williams as I had wanted these for so long, but for some reason I had never bought them!  The next packet was lavender as I have the perfect shelf that I want them to go on.  I can see them now in my mind, all lined up in the terracotta pots that I bought at the weekend ...... lovely.  The last packet was some California Poppies.  I love poppies and the fact that they seem to self seed easily.  That's if I don't pull up the seedlings next year thinking they are weeds!

So, out came the bags of compost to fill the trays ......

and sprinkled the seeds over thinly and then carefully covered them with a little more compost.  I firmed them down by gently pressing the bottom of an empty tray on top of the compost.  I watered them and put the trays on the shelving for the compost, water and sun to work their magic.

I then had a check up on all the other seedlings in the greenhouse so make sure they were okay ....... well, they told me they were, so that's good.  Am I the only one to talk to their plants?

Here are my chili and pepper plants growing nicely.

Here are the second batch of brussels.   The first batch came to an unfortunate end when we went away for the long Easter bank holiday and The Older Son was left in charge of watering the greenhouse ............. we shall say no more on that matter!!!

There is something very satisfying seeing all the posts lined up on the shelving.

Here are the homemade labels waiting to be used.

The cucumbers are coming along nicely.  I can't wait to try my very own cucumbers, freshly cut and put into a salad.  Yum, yum!!!

I had the all important radio playing away too.  You can beat a bit of Simon Mayo's Drive Time to end the day.

Here is the view from the greenhouse.  The first earlies are coming along very nicely.  We are convinced it is because where they are growing we had chickens there for 4 years.  Just think of all that poo that has gone into the ground!!!

The peas are beginning to grow nicely and find their way up the supports.  I wonder how many will actually find themselves into the house as opposed to being eaten on the spot ........ not many if we go by last years example!

Climb peas, climb!

Here is a table full of home grown herbs that were sown this year.  I am looking forward to having a lovely salad with all of our own produce this year.

 The onions are looking really good and I'm hoping for a bumper crop this year.  Last years were lovely, but I think I left them in the ground too long as we did loose some.

Do you think Hector wanted to join us.

The sowing and pottering had the desired effect and I left the veg patch feeling a lot calmer.  Small things!!

See you all tomorrow x

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