About Me

Hi, my name is Marge (aka Sam) and welcome to my blog.  This is where I share all the things I love doing with you: baking, making jam, crochet, sewing projects, 'doing up' furniture, gardening and growing veg, my dogs and my family.

I have been married to Irwin (aka Stuart) for 21 years and we make each other cry with laughter nearly everyday. I have three great kids, Conor who went to uni last September, Emily goes this Septermber and Tom who will be at home for a few years yet (thankfully!). 

So, I'm nearly an empty nester, but not quite and I'm enjoying finding ways to fill the space that the two eldest are leaving in my life *sobs into a tissue*. 

I am replacing the kids with dogs though:

Bob - A 13 year old Collie x Retriever.  He only has 3 legs as he had a tumor on his front left leg 5 years ago.  He's done so well though and still has a few years in him yet.

Hector - A two year old Italian Spinone.  He is my BABY.  We got him a year before Conor went to uni to hopefully fill a hole and it worked.

??????? - We are getting another Italian Spinone in the summer, just in time for Em to go off to uni.  There's method in my madness!!!

Things you need to know about me:

  • I love tea/coffee
  • I LOVE my dogs
  • I can't pass a fabric shop with going in
  • I start many things and sometimes never finish them
  • I say I'm going to do things but never do them
  • I've learn that it's true that as you get older you don't care what people thing of you
  • Many people probably think I'm slightly mad
  • I really think I should have been born in the 1940's
  • I don't like housework 

What I really, really, really want to do is own a fabric-come-coffee shop.  By adding a shop to my blog and hopefully selling some quilts and other things may make this come true one day.  I just need to think of a name .......................