Thursday, 19 May 2011

I Love Mornings Like This

Good Morning ........ and what a lovely morning it is.  I have just taken the dogs out for their early walk and had to take the camera with me.

The garden looks lovely at this time of the morning.

The morning dew was still on the grass.  It looked lovely when you walked past as it glittered in the sun.

I did try to get a close up!


The elderflowers looked lovely with the early morning sun on them.  I'm looking forward to lots of berries later in the year to make my first batch of elderflower cordial.  I wonder if I can get my bum into gear and make some elderflower wine!!

I couldn't resist this photo of the sun peeping around the corner and just shining on the elderflower, with Bob the dog in the background.

 How lucky am I to have this right outside my front door!

But what I'm really thinking about this morning is the lovely, scrummy supper we had last night.  It was a chicken, pesto, mozzarella and basil panini.  I took this from Cherry Menlove's website, see link below.  It was so nice, you HAVE to make it.  Thanks Cherry xxx

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