Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thursday's Song - Jason Mraz, I won't give up.

Do you a bit of a drive to work in the morning?

I have a 45 minute drive and I know to some people that would be their worse nightmare, but I love the drive.  It's usually the only time I get to be on my own and I like being on my own. Time to day dream, time to think life through, time to talk to my sister up in heaven.  I listen to Chris Evans on Radio 2 and I think he's bloody great.  I can't stand the presenters on our local radio and if I ever have to listen to them I want to hit the radio ...... not a good start to the day, eh?  I find they are usually so false and put on that stupid happy, laughy, bubbly voice on and try to make it sound like they are having so much fun with their 'pals' in the studio, but I just want to shout at them 'WHY CAN'T YOU BE NATURAL, I'M NOT HAPPY, LAUGHY, BUBBLY IN THE MORNING AND YOU SHOULDN'T BE EITHER!!!!!'  aaaarrrrrggghhhhhh


Anyway, Chris Evans (in my humble opinion) get's it just right.  Just the right amount of happiness in the morning and what really makes the show great is that his team genuinely sound like they are having a good time and like each other and not pretending! 

This song usually comes on the radio on my drive and the radio gets turned RIGHT up and I sing at the top of my voice and sway side to side as I am doing so ......... I'd love to know what people think! hahahaha

You have to really listen to the lyrics as they are beautiful.

Enjoy x

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