Friday, 3 June 2011

What I love today

I was in town the other day and had a walk into Paperchase.  I L.O.V.E. that shop and could spend all day looking through all the lovely 'stuff' they have.  I am a card hoarder by the way.  If I see a lovely card, I buy it, whether I have an occasion coming up or not.  But then when it comes to writing in them, I can't do it, I can't spoil them,  hence why I have a large card collection.  One day I will get around to putting them in frames and getting them up on the wall.

Any how, when I was in there the other day, this little collection well and truly caught my eye, I think it is gorgeous, I hope you agree.  Do you?

Ok, what do I love about it?  I love the colour, I love the birds, I love new pens and paper!!  The notebook is for me to carry around with me all the time and to write things down in there that I see, hear, want and love.

I have lots of new pens in this baby!

This notebook/journal is a replacement for one that I have had for 5 years now and which is just about to fall apart.

I have already transferred some of my favourite poems over to the new one.

And have some precious photos and cards that other people have given.  This is a photograph of my sister that died of breast cancer 5 years ago .......

and this is a card that a friend gave me with a lovely poem a short time after she died.  I carry it everywhere with me and read it during the hard times.

I like looking back through them and seeing good this as well.  Telephone numbers of people you have met, that go on to become good friends, beautiful things you wanted and are now lucky enough to now own, trips that you have planned and enjoyed, Christmas lists, shopping lists and many other things.

I can't wait to look back over this one and I'm excited at what it will be filled with.

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