Saturday, 18 June 2011

New Shoes, New Shoes, Everybody Loves New Shoes!!!

Oh, I love new shoes, not as much as I love new handbags, but I still love them.  I went into Oxford last weekend to treat myself to a pair of red Converses.  I had been eyeing up a pair for weeks and finally decided to get them.  I do this you see, I see something I would like but I won't buy it and then I'll think about it for weeks and then suddenly decide I need it, NOW!!  So, Sunday was the day and off we all went as The Daughter was going to by some shoes with her first wage packet and The Youngest Son needed some new shoes as his old ones were a bit smelly!  I couldn't make my mind up between the boots or little pumps but the children made my mind up as apparently I'm too old for the boot style.  Do you know what ........................ they didn't have my size!!!!  AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH 

Don't you just hate it when that happens?  I was just about to come out of the shop empty handed when the most lovely shoes caught my eye and do you know what .................. they didn't have my size!!!!!  DOUBLE AAAARRRGGGGHHHHHH

But, I really want these ones so I got them to order them direct from the warehouse and delivered straight to the house within 2 days.  So I waited ...............

and they came.  The box was just as lovely as the shoes were and I've kept this for putting all my sewing scraps in for using later on.

Do you like them, do you?  Lovely tan leather brogues.  Leather all the way through to the soles.

I llluuurrrvvvv them.

I love the little purple tag on the side of the shoe.

I love how they look like 'proper shoes' .... if you know what I mean.  They look and feel that they will last for years and years and years and will probably look better the more they age.

And I love how they look from where I'm standing!!


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  1. Nooo Shoooes, how lovely they are too, but I'm sorry, I desperately want the box and the tissue paper! I wish you health, to wear them, they are real proper shoes! Thankyou so much for visiting and leaving lovely comments. Love Linda x

  2. I was just exited about the box and tissue paper as well. Now I know how children feel at Christmas! Thanks for visiting me too x

  3. Hello Margery:
    Your new shoes are absolutely fabulous. Such a wonderfully modern/retro design and they look as if they will prove to be beautifully comfortable to wear. The 'Red or Dead' label has become a brand of outstanding quality and original design so we are sure that, as you say, they will just look better and better as they age.

    We are pleased to have found your amusing and eclectic blog via Linda's own delightful blog and we hope that we shall welcome you to ours one day.

  4. Hi :0) I too am a shoeaholic and I think your new shoes are just adorable and I think would look super cute with a little skirt and colourful tights too, infact I think I want some!! Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment and for sharing with me your story, my heart goes out to you and a big hug is being sent your way xxxx