Monday, 6 June 2011

What I love ...... My Pantry

I thought I would show you around my pantry today ....... only because I tidied it!!  I LOVE my pantry and every time I open the door, I smile at it's loveliness.  You wouldn't believe what it looked like before.  There were hardly any shelves on the wall and it was full of clutter.  You know, the things that you don't use all of the time, but you don't want to get rid of.  Well, you found all of that in there.

The Husband cleared it out, plastered the walls and made, painted and put the shelves up last winter and I've been loving it ever since.

Anyway, here you go ......

 I love the font of the old railway signs and wanted one for my pantry, luckily the hubby was able to oblige me (he is so clever, bless him).

I had a light bulb moment when it came to the inside of the door.  I was trying to think where I could hang a memo board, when I suddenly thought of painting the door with blackboard paint.  So, whenever we use the last of something, up it goes on the door.  It works brilliantly and we don't run of  flour, sugar etc.  I couldn't resist putting the red boarder around it either.  I'm going to do something similar in the kitchen, but using seven squares and using it as a weekly planner for the family.

It's very important to have plenty of chalk nearby for lists, or if you just feel like doodling.

I used to have the jars up on the top shelf, but we use them all the time, so today I moved them down to a lower shelf and put some packets on lentils, arborio rice, cornflour and such like up on the top.  We don't use these as often, but when we do, they are easier to lift down.  How I haven't been covered in flour yet is beyond me!!!

The Husband asked me to get some labels to go on the front of the jars, but I couldn't bring myself to stick some horrible stickers on them.  Anyway, didn't he know that the little red dot on the seal of the jar told you it was self-raising flour!!!!!  Obviously not if his Yorkshire puddings were anything to go by!!  I was racking my brains what to use when I came by a similar label on Cherry Menlove's website.  I think they look great.

I get great pleasure seeing the packets and boxes all lined up, ready to be used.  I do a lot of baking and three shelves have been dedicated to all things baking.

Can you see those lovely little cupcake cases ........ aahhh!

...... and then we have all of the sauces and also the different pastas.

Some of my tins at tucked in the corner, ready to be filled with something lovely and tasty.

I think this is a very good quote to live by (but not about the bought cake!!)

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  1. You are lucky to have a pantry, I have a big cupboard instead. Love the railway sign, it's fun! Love Linda x

  2. Hi, I'm visiting from Modern Country style. I love that tin? What make is it? Since we are only getting acquainted, I am working hard on not just asking you to mail it to me. I do miss the giant pantries in the states, you know the ones that you walk into! Of course, they always have ancient roman flour in them.

  3. I love your pantry. It is really cute and attractive. The chalk painted door is a great idea! I'm visiting from Modern Country Style today. Have a great day! Pamela

  4. oh wow oh wow oh WOW! I so love your pantry too!

  5. That is a great pantry! No wonder you love it. :) I love the pop of red.


  6. Oooh, I am soooo jealous! I'd LOVE to have a pantry like yours. My grandmother had one that's really similar so it makes me think of hers!

    I love that tin too - is it Matthew Rice through Emma Bridgewater? It looks like his work.....

    Thank you so much for linking up to my Kitchen Favourites party!


  7. I'd love your pantry too, and especially the railway-style sign! (visiting via Modern Country Style)