Monday, 8 April 2013

Checking out Swansea

My one and only daughter is deserting me, leaving me  going to university in September.  As you can tell, I am handling this very well and really looking forward to the event!  So on Friday we went to Swansea where the uni is to have a good look around and see what the area was like.  Irwin took Em down for her interview and only saw the central shopping area and he didn't go much on it. So, off to put my mind at rest.

I love going across the toll bridge.  I wish I could stop the traffic and take some really good pics of this bridge.

 Isn't it great, all those lines and angles.  It would look GREAT at night!

Welcome to Wales!

 This is the outside of the Swansea Met Uni Art, Design & Media building.  Very modern ......

With a lovely old part on the back. 

It used to be a Girls' School ...... I think!

We then had a drive to Mumbles to the west of Swansea.  What a view.

We parked up and had a walk along the sea front and went to find somewhere to have lunch.  Nice picture of the plant Irwin! 

There could be worse places to go to uni I think.

And then we went home.  I really liked the place and Em will have a great time.  I happened to find a really nice quilting fabric shop in Mumbles as well, result.

This isn't the first time one of mine will be going off to uni, Conor went last year and I surprised myself on how well I handled it.  It was definitely a case of the lead up being worse than the actual event.  The week leading up to taking him saw me breaking down on several occasions at work, home and anywhere else.  Conor had visions of me crying all the way on our four hour drive down to Cornwall but I didn't.  I nearly broke down when we pulled up on the campus ready to sign him in, I nearly broke down in Asda when we went to get his shopping but I did have a very short 20 second breakdown as we got in the car and drove away from him but Irwin needed me to give him directions and that distracted me ...... and that was it, no more tears!!  It did help that he was in a gorgeous place in the country and we knew that he would be really happy there.  What more could you ask for.

Something tells me it's not going to be the same when we take Em.  1) She's my only girl and we get on really well, like the same things, kind off/sometimes. 2) I will be left in a house of boys (Irwin, Tom, Bob & Hector the dogs).  3)  I will only have one child left at home who will be 14 and who really won't need his mum much and I will be out of a job *sobs*. 

And that my dears, is the problem.  I've had them for 20 years needing me and looking after them and I won't need to do this so much anymore. 

Ah well, more time for me and sewing.

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