Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cards On Show

I love collecting cards and find it really hard to walk past a Paperchase shop with going in and browsing for a while.  If I see a card I like, I'll buy it but then I find it really hard to give away.  The trouble is, the cards are put away in a drawer and not seen. S'not good!

In February we visited Conor in Falmouth and I went into my favourite shop there, Willow and Stone.  It is a fab shop and I have bought several things from there, including this wrapping paper which I'm going to get Irwin to frame for me.  I think it's too nice to wrap a present up in for it then to be thrown away.  They have lots of cards, postcards and posters and I saw a really good way of displaying my cards that I have at home and I recreated it at home.

I chose this area in the living room to display the cards.

This method is quite easy and only involves some string and fancy paperclips!

Pin the string up, hang the cards up with the fancy paperclips ......

and then you have your cards out on display and you can then admire them.  It's also easy to change them when you can't resist that other card in the shop!

*  I have nothing whatsoever to do with either Paperchase or Willow and Stone, I just have great taste! 

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