Saturday, 4 February 2012

What I Love Today ......... Hot Chocolate

It's very cold here today and at this precise moment it is trying to snow.  I don't want to be a kill joy, but I hope it doesn't.  I should be going to London tomorrow to watch Lion King - The Musical.  It was my eldest's Christmas present and we have  been getting all excited this week.  Knowing what our transport system is like, a tiny bit of snow and the trains will be cancelled!!  #fingerstightlycrossed

As it is so cold, I could think of no better way to warm up than make a big mug of hot chocolate.

 I had to go into town especially to get the drinking chocolate and boy, was it busy in the supermarket.  Snow fever has hit the country.  My daughter works at Waitrose and she said that it was busier today than any day leading up to Christmas!!!

Do you like the spoons?  A Christmas present for The Daughter.  I LOVE them (maybe that's why I bought them for her).

To be honest with you, even the 'not so hot chocolate' paste is yummy .................

......................... but I managed to hold back and wait for the hot milk to be ready!

All that was left to do was put my PJ's on, sit in front of the wood burner, patchwork quilt on my lap and get warm.

Have you had snow?

Lots of love

Marge x


  1. Hi, thanks for your comment and glad that I can at least inspire one person! :-) Well done you!! I've found that changing my diet has made a huge difference (probably about 80% of the difference) to me as well as the exercising actually such that now my metabolism is so fast. I ate like a horse last week for the Toubkal trek and actually lost 4 lbs! :-) Back to normal exercise tomorrow. Giving my legs a bit of a rest and instead doing some boxing. Good luck with everything! xxx

  2. I am soooo with you on the Hot Chocolate seems to be able to have almost medicinal qualities for making me feel better - and throw in a fire too? Heaven!